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wordpress logo WordPress Hosting

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Kinsta’s high-performance WordPress hosting infrastructure gives you access to 35 data centers worldwide to launch your WordPress site.

Guide to add a new WordPress site


Migrate your WordPress site from another provider to Kinsta.

See migrations guide


Follow our guide on how to add a domain to your site on Kinsta.

See domains guide

static site iconStatic Site Hosting

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Static Site Hosting allows you to deploy static sites composed of non-dynamic files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript directly onto Kinsta. 

Deploy your own static site

application iconApplication Hosting

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Application Hosting allows you to deploy applications from source code onto Kinsta infrastructure.

Deploy your own application

database iconDatabase Hosting

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You can use Kinsta to host your database and connect it directly to one or more applications thorugh a secure connection.

Host your database guide

Connect to your application

Follow our guide to connect your database to your application to create a private network. This is faster, more secure, and there’s no internal bandwidth cost.

See connections guide

support iconOther services


With DevKinsta you can design and develop your WordPress sites on your local machine and when you’re ready to go live you can push your site directly to Kinsta.

Guide to using DevKinsta

Kinsta API

You can use Kinsta’s REST API to access and interact with your Kinsta projects to retrieve data, perform actions, and automate tasks without using the MyKinsta dashboard.

API reference documentation


The billing documentation explains how Kinsta calculates your invoices, how to update your payment information, and it includes answers to our most asked questions about billing.

See billing information

support iconSupport

Scope of support

Our expert Support Team is available 24/7 for customers with a paid plan or service from any page in MyKinsta.

Check our scope of support

Contact support

Find out how to contact the Kinsta support team.

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Community forum

Connect with developers and other Kinsta users.

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