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ClickUp is an app focused on making productivity simpler, with all tasks docs, chats and more contained in one place.

“While we absolutely love productivity software, we believe productivity, in general, is broken,” says Lydia Minehan-Tubic, HTML and CSS Engineer at ClickUp. “There are just too many tools to keep track of and too many things in entirely separate ecosystems. We knew there was a better way to work. That’s why we created ClickUp— first an internal tool, now as a way to fulfill our vision of making the world more productive.”

More than just task management, ClickUp offers hundreds of customizable features including Docs, Whiteboards, Reminders, Goals, Calendars, and even an email inbox. The platform is fully customizable and integrates with over 1,000 other work tools, making it the optimal work management solution for every type of team.

Read our interview below with Lydia Minehan-Tubic, HTML and CSS Engineer at ClickUp.


  • Industry: Productivity Software
  • Company Size: 800

The Problem

“In discussions across teams at ClickUp, there were concerns about maintenance and reliability stemming from past experiences with the WordPress based blog.”

“From the DevOps perspective, we didn’t have anyone who was an expert on maintaining and operating the WordPress stack. As a result, it wasn’t getting the care and attention it needed. We either needed to hire someone to manage it or offload it to a third party.

Maintaining an entirely separate set of infrastructure and tech stack for one part of the overall ClickUp organization requires effort that could be better dedicated elsewhere, which is why we went with Kinsta as that third party.

Plus, we were in the midst of a major blog redesign, so it was prudent to reenvision hosting and infrastructure while the blog was also being rethought.”

The Solution

Knowing that Kinsta enterprise hosting could reliably take care of specific WordPress security measures on our blog meant our DevOps team could prioritize the security of our platform.

“Kinsta provided migration services to streamline the process. We needed a reverse proxy for the blog which was also a service offered by Kinsta. We were told our current setup including CloudFront, reverse proxy, plugins, etc. should transfer over without issue.”

The Result

ClickUp saw improvements across the board, from transparency around blog analytics and visits to an easy-to-use staging site to excellent customer support.

“Kinsta provides clear visibility into the status of the blog and our server via the dashboard. Additionally, the staging instance Kinsta offers makes it easy for our marketing team to review new features and bug fixes.”

Daily backups also proved to be invaluable to the ClickUp team. “Kinsta provides daily backups of both the Live and Staging instances of our blog. You also can conveniently login to PHPmyAdmin from site info to access the database. Plus, you have visibility into error logs which can help with debugging.”

And finally, “The customer support from Kinsta is top-notch, with representatives thoughtfully responding to requests within minutes .”


Kinsta is a great third party provider for managing and serving WordPress blogs. They take care of security for you so you can focus on the exciting stuff like theme development and new features for your blog.
Lydia Minehan-Tubic
Lydia Minehan-TubicHTML and CSS Engineer