Client country: United States

Pronto Digital Marketing has been building, maintaining, and promoting WordPress websites for over 12 years.

Their services include building Elementor websites with their in-house team of developers, designers, and copywriters, supporting and maintaining WordPress websites with their team of WordPress support specialists, and promoting websites with targeted SEO and marketing services

Read our interview below with Adam Selley, Head of Technical Support at Pronto Marketing


  • Industry: Website Management
  • Company Size: 100+

The Problem

“In a nutshell, we wanted visibility, control, predictable costs, and reliability without hiring a team of engineers.”

“We wanted more visibility and control over our servers as well as a user-friendly system where more people at our company could interact with the server.

We also had fluctuating costs with AWS and wanted a solution that gave us predictable costs month to month.

We also had reliability issues with AWS, and it required a full-time engineer to maintain and monitor.”

The Solution

“After looking at over ten different host providers, Kinsta stood out as the most robust and fully developed solution.”

“The MyKinsta dashboard was the main selling point for us. Just being able to restore backups and push to the staging site for testing has transformed the way that we update, test, and develop websites.

A lot of solutions had multiple hosting providers and supported multiple website platforms. We liked that Kinsta is just focused on WordPress and the Google Cloud Platform — this fits perfectly with our business.”

The Result

“Having 24/7 expertise has been incredibly valuable for us. We are now able to focus on building and supporting WordPress websites without worrying about infrastructure issues.”

“The migration service has also been a game-changer for us as we are now able to migrate websites to our platform in a fast and efficient way.

Also being able to see data like website size has allowed us to see oversized sites that need to be optimized. For example, we had some sites that were over 120 gigabytes in size due to a caching issue. Kinsta’s dashboard helped us identify this issue and resolve it, saving valuable server space.


The Kinsta dashboard has been a game changer for us. We are now able to directly interact with server processes.
Adam Selley
Adam SelleyHead of Technical Support