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Founded by twins Ashton and Ryan Clark, Ticket Falcon is a minority-owned event platform that enables organizers and attendees to prioritize events without the burden of excessive costs.

Unlike other platforms that charge up to 20% in service fees on ticket prices, Ticket Falcon provides a more affordable solution for general and reserved seating events. The platform also offers direct access to ticket sales revenue via its Stripe partnership and does not sell the customer data collected by event organizers.

Ticket Falcon is known for its commitment to customer service. This dedication has allowed them to help countless event organizers create successful, memorable events. By partnering with Kinsta, Ticket Falcon has exceeded its growth goals and expanded its platform features.

“After switching to Kinsta, we launched our reserved seating feature, which many of our customers have eagerly anticipated,” Ashton shared.

Discover how Ticket Falcon’s switch to Kinsta doubled their revenue and helped them overcome the common pitfalls of rapid business growth.


  • Industry: Event Registration and Management
  • Business size: 6 team members

The Problem

Shared hosting may be cost-friendly, but for Ticket Falcon, its unpredictability was a high price to pay. Frequent downtimes and subpar support hindered their mission to deliver outstanding service to their customers.

While their previous web host did help Ticket Falcon reduce hosting costs and enhance site speed, the company struggled with unscheduled downtimes during peak business hours and poor customer support.

“We noticed that our website could be negatively impacted by other websites on the same server as us. This at times resulted in unsolicited downtime during core business hours,” Ashton remarked. “It was also difficult to get a hold of a support representative during our business hours given the time zone differences, causing additional delays in resolving critical issues impacting our uptime.”

Additionally, their previous host’s promise of “unlimited PHP workers” didn’t seem to match the reality. “Our website kept crashing due to increased visitors or because some users were using more resources than they were allocated on the shared server,” Ashton added.

This experience prompted Ticket Falcon to rethink their hosting strategy. “We had to quickly identify a new hosting provider who prioritized uptime and support, which is how we selected Kinsta.”

The Solution

On their quest for better hosting, Ryan Clark had one top recommendation: Kinsta. Ticket Falcon now effortlessly supports event organizers in orchestrating even the grandest events.

After comparing Kinsta to other hosting companies, we proudly selected Kinsta. Kinsta offered unparalleled customer supporteasy-to-understand hosting plans, and a scalable platform our business can easily grow with,” shared Ashton.

Kinsta facilitated a seamless migration of Ticket Falcon’s codebase and database, while also customizing the hosting environment for optimal platform performance.

“Before launching Ticket Falcon on Kinsta, a few Kinsta server technicians tuned our environment to best fit our needs, which we appreciated.”

It wasn’t just Kinsta’s scalability and reliability that impressed Ticket Falcon. The robust services also improved the performance of their website and ensured an unwavering online presence.

“All in all, the transition to Kinsta was seamless, and we had our website up and running on Kinsta within a day.”

The Result

While growing rapidly with Kinsta, Ticket Falcon smoothly scaled up and fine-tuned their platform, allowing event organizers to host big, memorable events.

In 2023, Ticket Falcon reached a significant milestone. “This year, Ticket Falcon nearly doubled in size, especially as new event organizers used the platform,” Ashton reflected. “Our revenue from ticket sales and the number of event organizers and attendees have all grown significantly.”

A Custom Solution to Overcome a Dreaded Business Pitfall

Rapid growth was a double-edged sword for Ticket Falcon. As event organizers began hosting larger in-person events through their platform, the strain on server resources became evident at peak times. Yet, Ticket Falcon navigated these challenges skillfully with the right support. Ashton noted, “Kinsta made the process simple, helping us upgrade to a custom cloud hosting solution that best addressed our growing needs.”

The results of this upgrade were immediate and transformative. “Our website speed, server speed, and overall capacity increased,” Ashton explained. This allowed event organizers to host multiple large events simultaneously on Ticket Falcon without a hitch.

Navigating Growth with a Reliable Platform and Expert Support

Ticket Falcon’s platform reliability also reached new heights. “Our uptime significantly improved with Kinsta. The few downtimes we had were due to planned maintenance on our end. As a growing company, Kinsta made it easy for us to take backups, restore backups (if necessary), change FTP details, and other maintenance tasks,” he added.

Beyond their hosting solution, Kinsta’s support played a crucial role in optimizing Ticket Falcon’s operations. “The Kinsta support team helped us identify ways to improve our codebase to enable event organizers and attendees to access their data faster. This level of support has served us well, which we did not fully experience with our previous hosts.

As Ticket Falcon continues to innovate, Ashton and Ryan are optimistic about the partnership. “As we implement new capabilities and features to our users, we can trust that Kinsta will be there to help us navigate and ensure the availability of our platform to achieve our long-term goals of empowering event organizers to make more memorable experiences happen.”


“Kinsta is a critical strategic partner of ours. Working with a managed hosting company that cares gives us peace of mind.”
Ticket Falcon
Ashton and Ryan Clark, Founders
Ticket Falcon