Ryan Robinson is a full-time blogger, podcaster, and content marketing consultant that’s worked with Fortune 500 brands and top startups like LinkedIn, Google, Adobe, Intuit, CreativeLive, Zendesk, Oracle, and more.

Ryan began his blog in 2014 to chase his desire to share some of the businesses he grew as a side hustle in college. His blog first saw success when articles like “How to Create a Product That Nobody Wants and Lose $6,537” went viral and gained him a lot of early subscribers. Since then, he’s learned a lot about starting, growing, and monetizing a blog, building profitable side businesses, and creating scalable content marketing strategies.


  • Industry: Blog / Publisher
  • Company Size: 1-10

The Problem

Ryan needed a web host that could customize a plan to his website’s needs and provide the level of support he was looking for.

Ryan faced a few issues with his previous host WP Engine.

Ryan’s blog is a key component of his website and pulls in 200-500k monthly readers. In order to support this traffic, Ryan was required to opt for a high traffic plan that came with a hefty price tag that was about to almost double in price.

In addition, the plan wasn’t exactly suited to his website’s needs. While his traffic was covered, the plan also came with a lot of resources that weren’t necessary for Ryan’s site. The high price didn’t seem worth the plan, especially when Ryan only needed a portion of what he was paying for.

Ryan also faced issues with support, both at WP Engine as well as DreamHost. Support wasn’t helpful and most often their recommendation focused on purchasing a higher plan.

The Solution

Kinsta’s custom plan and expert customer support checked all of Ryan’s hosting needs.

Ryan first learned about Kinsta through interacting with Kinsta co-founder and CBO Tom Zsomborgi on Twitter.

The original hook was pricing. The price of the custom plan that Kinsta was offering ended up being cheaper as he no longer had to pay for the unnecessary resources that were lumped into his plan at WP Engine.

But it was customer service that really sealed the deal:

“The level of customer service is so far above and beyond any other hosting experience I’ve had. This experience with customer support and their willingness to come up with a custom plan for the way I’m using hosting is totally unparalleled. Once, they told me I needed to look at image compression as a way to speed up my site even more. That led me down a rabbit hole, including getting a bunch of image compression tools in place as well as compressing images the right way before uploading them in the first place. Thanks to this piece of advice, I boosted my site speed!”

The Result

A faster site, a support team that provides useful insights, and a cheaper plan that is more tailored to his needs.

In addition to Kinsta’s exceptional support, Ryan’s page load speeds decreased. Across the board, different features improved.

Ryan ended up saving money with his custom plan as he was no longer paying for the resources he didn’t need.

Whew, I seriously can’t imagine a world in which I hadn’t originally connected with Tom on Twitter. My leap to Kinsta was one of the most seamless transitions I’ve ever made with anything technical having to do with my blog, and the rewards have paid off in massive ways ever since. From the impressively hands-on customer support to the near-invincible uptime I’ve experienced for six years now, I’ve never felt more at ease with where my website resides.
Ryan Robinson