For 10 years, Trango Tech has been empowering businesses with a simple goal: to offer unique, tailored IT services and digital solutions.

Trango Tech takes pride in being one of the leading mobile app development companies in the US. With the latest AI, data modeling, and machine learning capabilities, they bring every concept to life within the set timeframe and budget.

Their success lies in their personalized approach. By deeply understanding each client – their uniqueness, operations, and needs – Trango Tech has fostered enduring partnerships. This close relationship with clients has helped them support over 500 businesses and grow their own team to more than 200 people in 200 cities worldwide.

What sets Trango Tech apart?

  1. Skilled and certified professionals: Their team comprises some of the brightest in software development and digital transformation. Their skills and knowledge help clients overcome hurdles and achieve their goals.
  2. A passion for innovation: Trango Tech constantly explores new technologies and trends to keep their clients ahead. They’re not afraid to experiment and innovate.
  3. Dedication to customer satisfaction: They strive to provide the best experience for their clients, ensuring satisfaction and offering continuous support and assistance.

Find out how Trango Tech improved its website speed by 20%, significantly increasing sales. Our chat with Muhammad Bilal uncovers effective strategies that could boost your business and revenue.


  • Industry: Software Development
  • Business Size: 200+ employees

The Problem

“We realized that a change was needed when we started to lose customers because of our website’s poor performance and recurring downtime. This was a major turning point for us.”

Trango Tech struggled with its previous hosting provider, NameCheap. Muhammad Bilal shares the moments of frustration that accumulated to big losses, which pushed them to look for a new web host.

Losing Customers to a Slow Site

“Our website was painfully slow at times, and the frequent downtime was costing us business,” said Bilal. “It was hurting our clients and our business as a whole. Clearly, a change was needed when we started losing customers.”

The Challenge of Finding (Any) Support

“And every time we experience problems, getting any help was another big headache. Their support team was often slow to respond and didn’t always have the answers we needed.”

Constrained by Limited Features

Name Cheap also didn’t have some important features that Trango Tech needed. “We felt handcuffed by the limitations. Name Cheap didn’t offer some of the features that we needed, such as staging environments and automatic backups. This made it difficult for us to develop and maintain our website.”


The Solution

“We knew we needed to find a new web hosting provider who could give us the performance, reliability, and support we needed. Overall, Kinsta was the best choice for us–it checks all the boxes, plus they focus on WordPress.”

Secure infrastructure and faster load times were non-negotiables for Trango Tech. They couldn’t settle for less or compromise their clients and bottom line again.

Trango Tech sought advice from friends and peers, and Kinsta was the top recommendation. Intrigued, their team did their own research on what Kinsta had to offer.

Eventually, they tried Kinsta for themselves; they never looked back since.

Why Trango Tech Chose Kinsta

Top-Notch Performance: “Kinsta is known for its high-performance web hosting. This was our top priority, as we wanted to ensure that our website would load quickly and reliably for our users. Kinsta’s enhanced security and fast content delivery network (CDN) immediately caught their attention. It helped improve our website’s load times by delivering our static content from servers worldwide. This means that our website loads faster for visitors from all over the globe.” explains Bilal.

Reliable Hosting with 99.9% Uptime: “Kinsta also has a reputation for reliability. We needed a web host that could keep our website up and running 24/7, and Kinsta does just that and more,” he adds.

Exceptional Support: “Excellent support is important to us, as we wanted to ensure that we could get help quickly when needed. So Kinsta’s round-the-clock support gives us peace of mind.”

Premium Features Without Extra Cost: “We find the wide range of Kinsta features very helpful, especially the staging environments, automatic backups, and free SSL certificates. These features were important to us, as they make it easier to develop and maintain our website,” he notes.

WordPress Experts: “Another reason we chose Kinsta was because they’re really good with WordPress. Our website is built on WordPress, so we wanted a host that knows it well and offers the right kind of help and features,” Bilal shares.

The Result

“Switching to Kinsta made our website 20% faster, leading to a 10% increase in sales. This boost gave us extra time and resources to grow. In fact, we’re launching a new product next year, all thanks to Kinsta! They’ve gone above and beyond in hosting our WordPress sites.”

Trango Tech anticipated that Kinsta would stand out among other web hosts. What they didn’t expect, though, was the stark contrast in hosting infrastructure, features, and services. They could only think, “I wish we found Kinsta sooner!

They were impressed with Kinsta from the get-go. Their website loaded much faster. Support tickets related to website issues dwindled significantly. Most importantly, these changes led to big wins.

Big Wins With a Fast, Reliable Website

“After switching to Kinsta, we’ve seen our sales go up by 10%. The reason is simple: our website is now much faster and more reliable.”

How fast, you say? According to Bilal, they’ve seen a 20% improvement in page load times. He shared that this was a major improvement as even their clients have noticed how much faster their sites are with Kinsta.

“We’ve also noticed a decrease in support tickets related to website performance. Now, our support team has more time to assist clients and focus on expanding the business.”

Now, Bilal and his team can freely and confidently plan for the future without any worries. “Knowing that our website can support our growth has significantly influenced our long-term goals. The savings in time and effort have allowed us to reinvest in product development and other growth areas. In fact, we’re launching a new product next year, all thanks to Kinsta!

Maximizing the Benefits of Kinsta’s Features

Trango Tech’s upgrades in workflow go beyond just a faster, more reliable website. It’s because every WordPress plan includes more than $275 worth of premium features and tools at no extra cost.

Let’s take Kinsta’s staging environment as an example. Each WordPress install at Kinsta can have its own free WordPress staging environment, completely separate from the live production site. Bilal and his team found this very useful when working on a client site and even their own.

“When creating a client’s website, we first test everything in Kinsta’s staging area. This helps us make sure everything is perfect before going live. Also, we use the staging environment for major site updates to spot and fix issues beforehand.”

Another feature their team appreciates is Kinsta’s daily automatic backups. Each backup is a complete snapshot of a site environment’s files, database, redirects, Nginx configuration, and MyKinsta settings at the time the backup was created. And during a security breach, Kinsta’s backups proved to be crucial.

“There was this one time when we were hacked. But thanks to Kinsta’s backups, we were able to get our site back up and running quickly, which greatly minimized the damage.”

Exceptional Customer Support Experiences

And when Trango Tech encountered a challenging problem with their website, they turned to Kinsta for help. “There was one time we were having some performance issues with our website. We tried troubleshooting the problem ourselves but couldn’t figure it out. So, we reached out to Kinsta’s Support team for help.”

“Almost immediately, someone from Kinsta’s support team got back to us and started diagnosing the problem. They were able to quickly identify the root cause of the issue and resolve it.”

“This experience reinforced our confidence in Kinsta’s commitment to exceptional customer support. They are always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers succeed.”

“We have been consistently impressed with Kinsta’s customer service over the years. Their support team is always responsive and helpful, and they deeply understand WordPress and web hosting.”

“We are very happy with our decision to switch to Kinsta. They have not only met but exceeded our expectations in web hosting for our WordPress site,” Bilal concludes. He highly recommends Kinsta to any company looking for a reliable, powerful hosting solution with top-notch customer support.


“Kinsta has played a significant role in reshaping our business approach and influencing our long-term goals. We are very grateful for their partnership, and we highly recommend them to any business that is looking for a reliable and high-performance web hosting platform.”
Muhammad Bilal