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Jaydus simplifies AI adoption for small and medium-sized businesses by addressing two key challenges: understanding AI’s practical applications and easing concerns about its complexity. The platform helps businesses in exploring how AI can specifically benefit them.

Rather than businesses setting AI goals, Jaydus uncovers AI solutions tailored to their needs. Users answer simple questions and receive a curated list of AI options for various business areas. Jaydus then aids in implementing these tools with custom strategies, straightforward training, and ongoing support.

By customizing strategies for each business, Jaydus aims to make AI less intimidating and more accessible so that users can easily adopt AI to improve growth, efficiency, and decision-making.

Join our conversation with Jaydus founder Jason Gordon to find out how they drastically reduced hosting costs by 70% with Kinsta. Plus, learn how you can improve and fast-track your web dev workflow, just like Jason did.


  • Industry: AI Application
  • Business Size: 20+ employees

The Problem

Jason Gordon, founder of Jaydus, encountered numerous issues with various hosting providers. These ranged from poor performance and inadequate support to restrictive hosting options.

These challenges made website management needlessly complex and negatively affected their daily operations.

We have tried multiple providers like Cloudways, WP Engine, Flywheel, Nexcess, and several managed portals that connect to servers. I’ve been through a lot with them, and it’s been a rough ride.”

“I’ve spent ages on support chats trying to sort out issues, often without any luck. The lack of support available after midnight, and at times no support at all, was troubling considering the critical nature of my projects.”

Frustrated with poor support from other hosting providers, Jason shared that they missed the stellar support they had experienced from Kinsta before. This stark contrast led them to give Kinsta another try. 

The Solution: Choosing Kinsta for Growth and Stability

During their testing of Kinsta’s App Hosting, Jason and his team were impressed with its ease of use and the consistent, helpful communication from the Kinsta team. This experience led them to host Jaydus and migrate over 100 WordPress sites to Kinsta.

Inspiring AI Journey

Jaydus was already interested in exploring AI but needed a push to start. “We found your article about creating a chat app really helpful. It was like the guide we didn’t know we needed.”

The timing turned out to be perfect. “Funny enough, I had met a React developer a week before reading your article. So I reached out to him and asked what he thought about it,” Jason shared.

The React developer’s quick and positive experience on the Kinsta platform became the tipping point. “He set it up in just a few hours and said Kinsta was easy to work with.”

Building Jaydus AI with Kinsta’s Application Hosting Service

“After some testing, building the Jaydus platform on Kinsta’s new Application Hosting service was only a logical choice. It has the necessary infrastructure and support to ensure the platform’s smooth operation, which is critical as we move toward a public beta launch.”

“Even though we were only testing a small application dashboard, we were treated like a large account. The continuous support and even check-ins made us feel valued.”

“With that success, we thought, ‘Why not go bigger?’ So, we’re now building a full AI dashboard to handle daily challenges. We had a great story unfolding and wanted to do it on Kinsta. They have exceeded our expectations, especially for a complex AI platform,” Jason concludes.

Seamless Migration of Over 100 WordPress Sites

“We found it easy to move all our WordPress sites back to Kinsta just a week after our app was stable. There was no hesitation after working closely with their team for nearly a month. We also noticed that Kinsta is adding new and innovative features while others seem to be playing catch-up.”

“Kinsta assisted us significantly during this big migration, even stepping in to resolve significant technical issues on a couple of sites belonging to new clients.”

“Some of these issues were outside their typical support scope. Still, they willingly jumped in to fix them, a level of service I’ve never experienced with any other hosting provider before.”

The Result

Switching to Kinsta saved them 70% in hosting costs while significantly improving website and application performance, helping their business grow smoothly and quickly.

Kinsta’s WordPress and Application Hosting revolutionized Jason’s team’s workflow. With automatic backups and 24/7 support, they can focus solely on developing Jaydus, their AI dashboard.

Faster Sites, Sharper Focus

“Our websites load much faster now, which means a smoother experience for our users. The peace of mind that comes with their extensive support cannot be overstated. It saved our team time and allowed us to focus more on big-picture plans.”

Exceptional Service at Lower Cost

With Kinsta, Jason and his team have found long-term hosting with exceptional value for its price. They recommend Kinsta for three primary reasons: scalability, support, and robust infrastructure.

“There is no other comparable option in the market at its affordable price. Usually, people pay thousands of dollars per month for a setup similar to what Kinsta offers. Kinsta’s solution is 70% less expensive than similar options, which typically do not include support.”

Expert Support Anytime, All the Time

Kinsta’s round-the-clock support is a lifeline for Jason and his team at Jaydus. “During a particularly challenging WordPress migration, we found our sites were offline due to incorrect settings from the previous host. Kinsta’s team stepped in and quickly helped us sort out the issues,” Jason says.

“I always encourage our team to reach out to Kinsta for any hosting issues. There’s no need to go it alone,” Jason adds. He considers Kinsta a service provider and a reliable extension of their team.

With Kinsta’s 24/7 hosting support, we’re free to concentrate on actually building and growing Jaydus.”

Reaching Business Goals Easier with Kinsta

As Jason reflects on their journey with Kinsta, he highlights the significant role Kinsta played in achieving their business objectives with remarkable efficiency.

“Managing websites can be tricky, and not everyone gets it right. We’ve moved big companies from WPEngine to Kinsta with great results. For instance, we assisted a tech school in saving $18,000 in extra tech expenses and reducing their monthly costs by $1,500.”

“If you want a hosting provider that pairs robust, reliable infrastructure with unparalleled support, choose Kinsta.”

“Kinsta’s Managed Application Hosting service is a game-changer for any business needing a robust, reliable, and scalable hosting solution with exceptional support.”
Mr. Takayuki Miyoshi
Jason Gordon, Founder