Motto is a web agency based in Montreal that focuses on building and managing impressive WordPress sites for all types of clients, from small startups to large enterprises. As “WordPress guardians”, Motto’s high-value plans and products include development, hosting, domains, branding, and site speed. Motto’s clients are able to focus on other elements of their business knowing their sites are left in good hands.

Check out our interview below with Motto CEO Julian Fernandez, CTO Greg Hunt, and Senior Developer Quentin Petitjean to learn more about their experience with Kinsta.


  • Industry: Web Agency
  • Company Size: 1-20

The Problem

Motto needed a WordPress host whose service aligned with the level of reliability and speed Motto wanted to provide their customers.

In order to provide their clients with the full WordPress experience, Motto needed a reliable host that was as serious about speed and support as they were.

Before discovering Kinsta, Motto tested a few different hosting options, all of which fell flat, especially when it came to support.

“We tried SiteGround because they claimed to have WordPress-specific hosting and Motto is competitive on reseller hosting. However, we came to find out there was nothing special at all about their WordPress hosting besides the fact that it could run WordPress on a LAMP stack. Their support also never had good resolutions, always needed to be escalated, and was slow.

We then rolled our own on DigitalOcean. While we had much more control, this led to higher administrative and opportunity costs just to keep it running properly. We then started building our own tools but this was time away from the business.

We also tried managing tools like RunCloud, however, the support provided here was very limited and still required us to troubleshoot many issues ourselves.”

The Solution

Motto no longer has to take time away from the business to think about hosting. Kinsta provides the speed, security, and support they need for their clients’ sites.

CTO Greg Hunt was immediately impressed with Kinsta’s focus on the developer experience. Additional tools, like Kinsta’s server-level caching and dashboard analytics features, were the icing on top.

From the perspective of Senior Developer, Quentin Petitjean appreciated that he was able to speak directly with a highly-skilled WordPress support engineer, rather than moving up the never-ending support ladder other services have.

The Result

Trusting their clients’ sites to Kinsta gave Motto peace of mind, impressed their clients, sped up the sites they manage, and helped them save money.

Motto was able to eliminate all of the extra costs associated with the hosting management of their WordPress sites, including the retainer for our system’s administrator.

They received roughly a 50% increase in performance (decreased page load time) over most of their migrated sites. Most issues brought to Kinsta support are resolved in hours, not days, and Motto is able to get to the bottom of a lot more of them.

Motto’s team can now focus on site and product development knowing their sites are constantly online, monitored, and backed up by Kinsta.

Kinsta’s platform and staff really feel like an extension of our own team. They’re exactly what we needed.
Greg Hunt, CTO