Get in the Loop, based on Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach, is more than just a WordPress website design agency. With over 25 years of experience, co-founders Paul and Marie Antonievich are designers, architects, story tellers, musicians and videographers at their core.

They fuse technology with creativity, constantly innovating to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. Paul shared, “Reinvention is part of our online journey as technology continues to evolve. Our role is to regularly evaluate the website design landscape, our skill base, our partners, and the tools we use in our business to ultimately help our clients to prosper.”

Find out in our interview with Paul Antonievich, co-founder of Get in the Loop, how their quest to find their clients’ right hosting helped them elevate their agency.


  • Industry: WordPress Design and Development
  • Business size: 2 co-founders with network of specialist partners

The Problem

For 25 years, Get in the Loop struggled with slow website speeds and declining support from most of the big hosting brands, a recurring issue that Paul described as costing “a lot of headaches, time and money.”

Despite WordPress being central to their service, they repeatedly faced issues with declining website speeds and diminishing support from major hosting brands.

“With previous hosting partners we have experienced a degradation of speed over time as their enterprise expands, and technology growing pains ensue and support response declines,” Paul from Get in the Loop explained. “And website speed is always the number one issue. Both on the front-end loading times and editing in WP admin.”

Managing their clients’ hosting, staging, ongoing maintenance, and testing was a complex task. “Some clients manage their own content updates, but don’t have the time, inclination, or expertise for anything else on their WordPress sites. Therefore, an efficient workflow is really important for us,” he added.

Their search for the right hosting partner has been exhaustive. The goal was to find a host that supports their needs and values customers like they do: “It’s cost us a lot of headaches, time and money; however we’ve gained some good experience and clarity on what we need from our hosting partner.”

The Solution

After an exhaustive search, Get in the Loop found a match in Kinsta, a provider that mirrors their commitment to quality and prioritizing clients.

Upon thorough research and feature comparisons, they set up a trial with Kinsta using a cloned client website. As they noted, “This hands-on test was the only true way to gauge how effective the platform would be.”

Their evaluation was rigorous, examining every critical component essential for their client websites. Paul elaborated, “Testing covered all the main criteria we required for developing and maintaining our client sites. This included site speed, dashboard tools, chat support, choice of data centres in Australia and security with a specialist focus on WordPress.

In the end, their testing provided valuable insight into what Kinsta could offer. They found that Kinsta met their needs and  standards, especially when it came to WordPress security.

The Result

Get in the Loop saw a notable drop in average loading time by around 1 second, moving the client’s page score from a C to an A

“In many cases after migrating to Kinsta we’ve experienced a page score increase from a C Grade to an A, without any further optimisation of the websites’ code or layouts. Such was the case with one of our finance clients, which we are now looking at optimising further.”

Performance Report for Get in the Loop showing grade A page score

Kinsta Tools That Transformed Their Workflow

Managing client sites is much easier and faster for Get in the Loop with MyKinsta’s intuitive dashboard. Cloning a live site has also become a quick, one-click task.

“The tools within the Kinsta dashboard are very good, easy to navigate and help us get updates and maintenance done quickly. Our personal favorite is the super clean dashboard interface and UI to manage all the functional operations on our client sites. Definitely the best we’ve experienced,” said Paul.

This includes the one-click staging setup, which not only saves time, but also allows them to easily make and push updates.

Automatic Backups for Peace of Mind

The security of their client is a top priority for Paul and Marie. With Kinsta’s automatic backups, they can now perform extensive updates without fear of losing their hard work or having their client site crash.

“Backups on demand are brilliant and fast. We use this feature a lot, especially when we don’t want to risk losing 30 minutes or more of creative and technical work,” added Paul.

24/7 Live Chat Support

“Live support on some platforms has been a big frustration point,” Paul shared. “But Kinsta’s support is responsive, helpful, and always available. Their expertise and friendliness are way above other hosts.”

“We have used Kinsta’s live chat support a lot. From assistance with domain verification, redirects, search and replace, account management, security, migration and more.”

Kinsta’s Affiliate Program

Beyond the daily operations, Get in the Loop maximized Kinsta’s Affiliate Program to build a stable passive income, earning 10% in lifetime monthly commissions for each referral on top of one-time commissions of up to $500.

“A really helpful aspect is that after our clients create their Kinsta accounts, we can easily navigate between all our client website accounts within our Kinsta dashboard. Not rocket science, but Kinsta has nailed this convenience and efficiency,” Paul added.

Get in the Loop found a reliable partner in Kinsta that understood their needs. From increased page scores to a variety of tools, automatic backups, and 24/7 customer support, their Kinsta experience made them feel supported and understood.


“Our value to our clients has never been as important as it is today and one of the cornerstones to that includes Kinsta and their capabilities.”
Andrew Geraci, Founder and Director of Photography
Paul AntonievichCo-founder
Get in the Loop