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EmailTooltester, launched in 2011 by Robert Brandl, bridges the gap between expensive professional email marketing tools and affordable newsletter solutions. By demystifying email marketing, EmailTooltester empowers businesses and entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to choose the right tools and get the most out of them. From in-depth guides to detailed tutorials, EmailTooltester has become an essential resource.

Partnering with Kinsta has helped EmailTooltester do even more for the industry. Find out in our interview with Cai Ellis, SEO Manager at EmailTooltester, how Kinsta has helped them share even better information to help businesses improve their email marketing.


  • Industry: Media
  • Business size: 10+ employees

The Problem

Not satisfied with their previous host, EmailToolstester decided to look for a different hosting service that could give them the support, flexibility, and ease of use their team needed.

EmailTooltester was having trouble with their previous hosting service. As EmailTooltester started to grow, they needed better support and a more user-friendly platform.

“Before we started using Kinsta, we were using one of your competitors. We hosted EmailTooltester together with another site with that same web hosting. As both websites grew, we eventually needed to either increase the server capacity of our current host or find a different hosting service. ”

Their previous host failed to provide the necessary support, flexibility, and user-friendliness. EmailTooltester realized they weren’t getting good value for money for their money.

“After much thought, we decided to move EmailToolstester to Kinsta. The main reason was that our old hosting service wasn’t giving us the best value for our money. Especially given their sales team was rather inflexible and difficult to work with (not wanting to communicate via email but only by phone).”

The Solution

Switching to Kinsta was quick and simple for EmailTooltester. They were impressed by the solid security and regular, fast website backups. The added features, like the ability to control their own backups, added a cherry on top of a very satisfactory experience.

We chose Kinsta because they covered all our needs: managed WordPress hosting, very fast loading speeds, rock-solid 24/7 support, automatic backups, a staging server, and CDN included. And there were even features we didn’t expect, such as the search/replace tool as well as the redirect tool that allows bulk imports.”

EmailTooltester found that Kinsta went above and beyond in terms of backups. Not only were backups done daily, but Kinsta also offered additional backups every six hours. Depending on the chosen plan, EmailTooltester could retain up to 30 of their most recent backups.

“We were struck by how quickly Kinsta could back up our site, faster than WP Engine. The option to manually create backups was a bonus, especially before updating a plugin,” Cai Ellis shared.

“We also appreciate the option to manually create website backups, which is great before we update a plugin. We can keep up to five on our Kinsta account and even download them as a ZIP file to our computer. And if we want, we can connect our backup feature with external services like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Storage for an extra fee.

What makes Kinsta stand out is their proactive security measures. They constantly check our site to find and get rid of any malware. And Kinsta supports the latest software versions (like PHP and MySQL) and offers options like two-factor authentication, GeoIP blocking, and limiting login attempts.”

The Result

After the switch away from a competitor, the average loading time fell by around 1 second, which is quite a significant improvement given its importance for SEO.

Kinsta really impressed us with its speed. On average, our pages loaded in just 1.82 seconds. That’s super fast, and it helps people find your site and enjoy using it. Another thing that stood out was Kinsta’s perfect uptime score. For three years in a row, it hit 100% uptime. And if that ever dips below 99.9%, Kinsta promises to give some of your money back.”

Load time drop for EmailTooltester after switching to Kinsta, resulting in a faster site and better SEO ranking
Load time drop for EmailTooltester after switching to Kinsta.

In terms of customer support, Kinsta surpassed the expectations of EmailTooltester. They found it effortless to customize their plan to meet their needs, including adding more PHP workers through a simple request in the live chat.

“Communicating is also much easier. Compared to your big competitor, custom plans at Kinsta is very flexible. For example, we needed more PHP workers than your standard configurations allowed. It was easy to request this custom change via live chat.

Kinsta’s support team earned our ‘Best Hosting Provider for Support‘ badge for their consistent helpfulness and expertise. The competitor I mentioned requires lengthy calls with sales reps for that. And once they have you on their line, they want to sell you immensely expensive upgrades.”

EmailTooltester also praised Kinsta’s platform for its ease of use, saying, “Kinsta is very user-friendly. Their MyKinsta dashboard is easy to understand and use. They don’t limit how many SFTP accounts you can have, and they let you access SSH. It’s also easy to manage users and set permissions. And if you get stuck, their online help and support team are there to help.”


“Kinsta is reliable, fast, and good for business WordPress sites. That includes online stores too. Developers will love all the technical options, and business owners will enjoy the ease of use and safety features.”
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Cai EllisSEO Manager
EmailTooltester S.L.