Clickr is an integrated Digital Marketing, Creative and Tech agency that consults brands on their marketing technology, web design, web development, performance marketing, and online communication strategies. By taking a holistic, end-to-end approach, Clickr helps their clients truly understand the digital landscape, develop customer-centric digital strategies, harness the value of data, execute impactful digital campaigns, and drive business growth.

Founded in 2009, Clickr is a subsidiary of Underworks Japan Co. Ltd., and their team is comprised of experts in consulting, business intelligence, customer experience, UX, ecommerce, content design, and more. They have a diverse global presence spanning Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Yangon, Tokyo, and Paris, which allows them to bring a wealth of viewpoints and ideas to their clients.

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Learn more about why Clickr Media trusted Kinsta to handle heavy hosting loads and provide a seamless experience for their global business in our interview with CEO and co-founder Derick Ng.


  • Industry: Digital Marketing & Technology
  • Business size: 40 employees

The Problem

Clickr Media had to rely on multiple providers to meet the diverse needs of their clients for backup services, hosting plans, and virtual machines. They needed an all-in-one solution, similar to what they offer their clients

Managing multiple providers to achieve full coverage proved to be challenging.

CEO and Co-founder, Derick Ng, highlighted the complexity of their predicament. “On top of needing to be familiar with the different providers,” he said. “We had to be concerned about performance, scalability, security, resources, uptime, integrity of backups and more.”

As the number of sites Clickr was supporting grew, that quickly became unmanageable. “While we do have quite a number of capable technical members in our team, hosting infrastructure is not our core business,“ Derick noted. “We would like to avoid needing to worry about server issues over a weekend or public holiday.”

The Solution

Clickr Media’s goal was clear: reduce time spent on hosting management and focus more on optimizing client sites. In Kinsta, they found the perfect fit.

Before finalizing their decision, Clickr Media thoroughly evaluated what Kinsta had to offer to simplify their workflow and align with their business’s core priorities:


“We like that Kinsta is on Google’s premium cloud infrastructure with origin locations that work for our clients. Built-in caching is definitely helpful without the need to worry about yet another plugin. Worldwide CDN (and recently edge caching) is becoming a must given many of our clients are expecting a global audience.”


It wasn’t just about server security. Clickr Media valued Kinsta’s proactive approach, “Kinsta’s Cloudflare integration gives the assurance that our websites are protected at the application level. We also greatly appreciate the prompt alerts we get when plugins with security risks are detected. And finally, the malware security pledge nailed it since Kinsta can assist to fix a compromised site for free.”

SSH Access

“Working without SSH access poses challenges, especially when deploying codes via Git. The addition of WP-CLI also simplifies maintenance,” Derick noted, emphasizing its significance in their operations.

Staging environments

For Clickr Media’s operations, staging environment is a must. Derick said, “The ability to stage a production copy quickly for testing and verification was something we used to manage using a plugin, so once again, we can do without another plugin!”


No more sleepless nights for Clickr Media. With Kinsta, daily automatic backups are standard, complemented by the option for manual backups.

Live Chat Support

Reliability was key, and they shared, “I think we can all agree that it is always preferable to have someone to “speak to” over messaging than to send in a ticket and wait.”

The Result

After migrating to Kinsta, Clickr Media experienced an instant speed boost, cutting their TTFB to under one second – up to 4x faster than before.

This improvement can be attributed to advanced caching, CDN integrations, and Kinsta’s automatic optimizations. As a result, Clickr Media not only saw faster load times but also saved crucial hours that were once spent on hosting-related issues. This resulted to enhanced website performance, more streamlined staging processes, and notably higher client satisfaction.

“Our developers were happy with time saved with being able to stage a site quickly, or to make use of the free APM tool which is really easy in helping us identify performance issues,” said Derick.

Staging environments now take as little as 5-15 minutes for their team to create, whereas their previous workflow often resulted in such slow progress that they would often have to stage manually.

Even their clients noticed pronounced improvement in website performance since they switched to Kinsta.

Derick highlighted, “It is interesting how all our clients recognise the improvements as they experience their website served via Kinsta. Partnering with Kinsta has really streamlined our process of deploying our clients’ website with all the bells and whistles baked in a one-stop platform.”


“Is your site on WordPress? Then, why are you not on Kinsta?”
Derick Ng, CEO and Co-founder
Derick Ng, CEO and Co-founder
Clickr Media