SEO Hacker is a knowledge-based internet marketing firm specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Starting as a hobby website focusing on SEO tactics and strategies, SEO Hacker evolved into a multi-faceted digital marketing firm throughout the years.

They provide ethical, powerful strategies to help companies generate more revenue in the digital market, with clients ranging from Philippine-based companies to international ones. In addition, SEO Hacker uses its two facets, SEO Hacker Blog and SEO Hacker School, in sharing the latest SEO and digital marketing knowledge with the public.

Check out our interview with Sean Si, CEO of SEO Hacker, to learn more about their experience with Kinsta.


  • Industry: Digital Marketing Agency (SEO and Internet Marketing)
  • Number of Employees: 50+

The Problem

SEO Hacker needed a scalable hosting service with premium customer support and high-speed performance to support their growing agency’s needs and operations.

“The pandemic created a huge demand for websites. Not only did we experience a greater demand for transaction processing — and to perform these transactions at a faster, more frequent rate — we also found ourselves needing a hosting service that could adapt to the needs of said websites proactively.

Aside from that, we also understood that as we scaled our operations and took on new clients, we also needed a better way of monitoring each website’s development, and tackling possible problems before they negatively impacted the website’s performance.

This put us in a bind. In our end, our clients’ websites had grown quite large, so some parts of each site required frequent manual optimizations for it to work efficiently. Furthermore, since these websites were on a dedicated server that we use for most of our clients, they tended to slow down when processes from all accounts were high (due to an increase in traffic or interactions).

On the other hand, not only was our previous host a self-service type, but their support service would leave us hanging for quite some time each time we encountered a problem.

This made addressing our client’s website needs quite difficult, and we experienced many blockages in our operation pipelines.

So it was clear that we needed to take action. While we believe that there is always room for technical optimization on our end, we understand there are limits to what we could do on our own. There was no doubt to us that it was time to look for a new host service.”

The Solution

Migrating to Kinsta not only solved SEO Hacker’s site maintenance and system issues, but also empowered the agency to scale its operations. The agency no longer has to deal with slow websites and repetitive manual optimization processes.

“Our founder, Sean Si, found out about Kinsta through MJ Uy, APAC Account Executive at Kinsta. They had worked together previously during her time at a different organization and cultivated a good working relationship together.

She reached out to him on behalf of Kinsta to offer their services, and the rest is history.”

The Result

SEO Hacker sees drastic improvement on all fronts after moving to Kinsta. With premium customer support, streamlined client site maintenance, and monitoring tools, SEO Hacker focuses on scaling its business while leaving all the technical details to Kinsta. 

“We believe that moving to web hosting from cloud hosting is like comparing apples to oranges — we know that we would see immediate and drastic improvements on all fronts the moment we migrated hosts.

And we did see prompt change. The improvements with site speed were especially evident to us after migrating. This was a significant development from when we operated through web hosting, since back then we had to adjust PHP workers to adapt to visitors on the site.

In comparison, working with Kinsta allowed us to skip that step entirely — all while still maintaining sites that work as smooth as butter. This change was seen on all the websites we maintain, for both our local and international clients.

Customer service is also superb. Our technical team has experienced responsive chats when they needed troubleshooting or assistance, and their transfer process is a godsend.

Also, Kinsta’s automatic database optimizations helped us speed up data transfers. They gave warnings about bad code practices that enabled us to pinpoint where we are having problems code-wise.

Another thing to note is that one of the most significant challenges to hosting websites is adapting to scalability while monitoring performances and security. However, Kinsta makes these critical tasks as well as relevant data very accessible. This allows us to proactively respond to important fixes before they become an urgent crisis for our clients.”


“Hosting sites on Kinsta is one of the smoothest onboarding we have had, if your expectations about WordPress cloud hosting is that it is supposed to be efficient and easy: then Kinsta might actually just be the company you’re looking for.”
Sean Si
Sean SiCEO
SEO Hacker