Client country: United States

Since 2016, Enventys Partners have raised more than $150 million through crowdfunding, secured over 700 patents, and helped 15 of their clients make it to Shark Tank. They manage a portfolio of sites that receive over 500,000 monthly visitors!


  • Industry: Full-Service Product Launch Consultancy
  • Company Size: 11-50

The Problem

They were not happy with the price and level of service provided by WP Engine.

Before migrating to Kinsta, Enventys Partners used WP Engine for its web hosting services. However, during their time with WP Engine, they had experienced a few issues with the hosting service that led them to reevaluate the true value of the platform as a whole, especially for the price. So, they set out to find a new hosting service.

The Solution

They searched for an innovative host with rock-solid performance and customer service, and they found Kinsta.

Initially, the price and the fact that, at the time, Kinsta was the first hosting service to move their entire platform to Google Cloud Platform was what intrigued Enventys Partners. In addition to the performance, the price ultimately played a huge factor in Enventys Partners’ decision. When comparing apples to apples, Kinsta’s offerings at the time were very similar to that of WP Engine’s but at a more affordable price. For Enventys Partners, the switch was a no brainer.

“In terms of their dashboard, Kinsta’s custom backend dashboard is also more intuitive and better than regular cPanel access – a plus for clients who want dashboard access but aren’t necessarily as tech literate.”

The Result

Moving their sites to Kinsta saved them money and resulted in a 50% decrease in page load time. Traffic spikes were no longer an issue thanks to Kinsta’s scalable cloud infrastructure.

Some of Enventys Partners’ sites experience huge traffic spikes due to the nature of their businesses, and those sites previously struggled with these spikes on WP Engine. After Enventys Partners made the switch, just by utilizing Kinsta CDN and utilizing data centers closer in proximity to each client’s location, they experienced a 50% decrease in page load times on average for their clients.

They found Kinsta’s servers to be incredibly reliable as a result of utilizing the Google Cloud Platform, and haven’t experienced any site downtime as a result of their hosting platform since moving to Kinsta. Being able to utilize Kinsta’s CDN also helped lower costs in general so Enventys Partners no longer had to pay for an external CDN service.

When all was said and done, Kinsta won out due to a better dashboard, better site performance, and overall better customer service.

An Experience Fit For an Agency

We know that agencies like Enventys need performance, reliability, support, and value – that’s what drives us to constantly innovate. Whether it’s leveraging Google Cloud’s latest servers, expanding our 24/7 support team, or pushing out time-saving features to MyKinsta, we are here to build the best WordPress hosting experience for all of our clients – big or small.

“Kinsta is the best-managed WordPress host that you can find in terms of price, reliability and customer support, and they make my life so much easier. This has freed my time and allowed me to focus on other aspects of professional development, which in turn provides an added value to our clients.” – Jared Strichek, Front-End Developer,

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