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Design Bombs started as a web design gallery but has since morphed it into a full-service blog focused on web design, coding, and WordPress. The team publishes a variety of content, including tutorials, listicles, reviews, design showcases, and more.

Readers visit Design Bombs to level up their WordPress and web design skills, as well as to discover the best tools to help them create more effectively on the web.

Read our interview below with Devesh Sharma, Founder of Design Bombs.


  • Industry: Web Design
  • Company Size: 4

The Problem

The team was experiencing two main issues: a very slow time to first byte (TTFB) and constant timeouts.

“Even with a performance-optimized website, our hosting was still taking too long to respond to requests and serve up data. These slow response times had a cascading effect on all the other performance metrics that people care about, such as Largest Contentful Paint and fully loaded time.

Basically, the slow TTFB made it so that it was impossible for us to achieve the performance that we wanted, no matter what we did.

The second issue we were facing was constant timeouts. Design Bombs is a high-traffic blog, so our hosting seemed to be struggling to reliably serve up the site under those loads.

Obviously, having constant timeouts was a huge issue because it created a poor experience for readers and it also made us miss out on potential revenue, which affects the bottom line.

It also harmed trust with our visitors, as visitors are less likely to return to a site where they’ve experienced issues.”

The Solution

“The main thing that attracted us to Kinsta was Kinsta’s focus on performance, especially under scale.”

“At the time that we were researching hosting options, Kinsta was relatively new to the managed WordPress hosting space. However, even at the beginning, Kinsta was getting a solid amount of buzz in reviews on various WordPress-related sites.

Because our main issues with our previous hosting were focused on performance and reliability, the fact that Kinsta’s positioning directly addressed these issues made it very attractive to us.”

The Result

“When switching to Kinsta, we immediately noticed faster time to first byte times and much faster load times in general. We estimate that our average TTFB times were reduced by 30-40% after making the switch to Kinsta, which had a similarly positive effect on all of our other performance metrics.”

“Most importantly for a blog, we’ve found that Kinsta can easily handle any traffic spikes. A blog post can go viral at any time, which can lead to a big influx of traffic. On our previous hosting, this would increase the chance of encountering timeouts. But with Kinsta, we’re confident that Design Bombs will keep loading fast no matter how many visitors we get.

Though customer support wasn’t a problem for us at our previous hosting, we’ve also been very happy with our customer support experiences at Kinsta. We’ve had responses that are both fast and helpful, which is all that we could ask for.”


Kinsta gives us the confidence that Design Bombs will always load quickly and reliably, which lets us focus on creating content and growing our audience instead of worrying about technical details.
Devesh Sharma
Devesh SharmaFounder