Screaming Frog is an SEO agency in the UK that develops SEO software trusted by thousands of SEOs and agencies worldwide for technical SEO auditsTheir website crawler helps customers improve on-page SEO, by extracting data and auditing for common SEO issues.

Read our interview below with Dan Sharp, Director at Screaming Frog.


  • Industry: Search Marketing
  • Company Size: 50

The Problem

We outgrew our previous host. We experienced issues with performance, downtime, and communication from their support was slow and unhelpful in resolving issues.

“The downtime had a big impact on customers and sales, as it happened on occasion during peak periods. We spent too much time alerting our host to the issue and working on getting a resolution. We heard good things about Kinsta, and as we use WordPress, WooCommerce, and love Cloudflare, which is now fully integrated with Kinsta hosting for free, we signed up for a trial plan and tested architecture and performance before migrating.

Immediately in testing, we were impressed and saw improvements in response and load times. Kinsta support helped outline a migration plan which made the move easy.”

The Solution

The Screaming Frog team knew they need a specialized service that would provide them with the security, support, and site speed that their current provider lacked.

“We considered other providers, but ultimately we were most impressed with Kinsta, largely due to the architecture, performance, and support we experienced during our testing.

Kinsta being specialists in WordPress, WooCommerce and the Cloudflare integration stood out to us, alongside the latest architecture built for speed and uptime.

We also needed 24/7 support, a high-performance CDN, staging area, and our initial conversations with customer support were excellent.”

The Result

After a seamless migration process, the Screaming Frog team was thrilled to see a boost in performance and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their site is secured and support is readily available.

“The migration process was really smooth. The Kinsta support team explained the process, provided preparation guidance, then fully managed the migration, and communicated throughout each step. It was a breeze.

Communication was excellent and we were extremely impressed. Upon migration, we experienced around a 46% improvement in performance immediately.

We’ve subsequently had no real downtime since the move and wish we made it sooner. The backup speed is incredible and makes our lives a lot easier (and safer!). Customer support has been great, it’s immediate with the live chat facility and knowledgeable.”


Kinsta is fantastic. Fast and reliable with excellent customer service. We highly recommend!
Dan Sharp
Dan SharpDirector