• Industry: SEO
  • Company Size: 10-50

WordLift is an SEO tool that helps your website speak Google’s native language by converting your content into a format easily understood by search engines: structured data.

Leveraging Natural Language Processing and AI, WordLift analyzes your content and identifies the most relevant topics for your business. These are organized into entities, which WordLift then turns into linked data. It’s this dynamic infrastructure that allows a business’s content to be understood and indexed by Google and search engines and get more engagement from their users.

Here’s what co-founder and CTO David Riccitelli had to say about Kinsta hosting.

The Problem

WordLift’s website acts as a storefront. The slow performance and poor site management options of previous hosts did not provide a welcoming experience to new and existing customers.

“We were facing several stability issues with the hosting providers we tested. While their fancy control panels and accessories may be nice, they do not represent the core value of what we expected from a hosting provider: stability.

Our website is a business website. It’s a store where we welcome new and existing customers. Each time our store is slow or unreachable, it damages our reputation and bottom line, not to mention the decreased Google rankings that come when the server isn’t up to the task.

We also manage several client sites and provide hosting for some of them. Here too we were facing several challenges on site performance, vulnerable plugins detection, backups, system updates, sftp access separation between sites, lack of CDN, and system dependencies management and separation.

That’s why we started looking for a new web hosting company.”

The Solution

Kinsta checked off all of WordLift’s requirements: stability, performance, flexibility within their budget constraints, and expert support.

“Kinsta was brought up in conversation when talking to a customer about web hosting companies. Because of previous broken promises, we weren’t immediately sold. We also needed someone that could match our budget and be flexible enough to shrink or grow with market response.

Kinsta gave us all that: stability, performance, flexibility within our budget constraints, as well as excellent support.

Kinsta’s hosting strategy is based on separate containers for each site, which ease management and site/sftp/dependencies separation. Their backup strategy is good and they offer to monitor the whole platform.

Their Cloudflare integration boosted site performance and using Kinsta CDN (powered by Cloudflare) improved it even further. As part of the integration, Kinsta is also protecting the sites against DDoS attacks using Cloudflare security mechanisms.

Security is solid with Kinsta. In addition to the features we get from Cloudflare, Kinsta also offers vulnerable plugins detection and email alerts.

Finally, the performance monitoring tools and the professional support team helped us improve our sites to reach the professional levels we needed to achieve our goals.”


The Result

Issues of stability, performance, and support are long forgotten. These changes are noticeable both by WordLift and their clients.

“Our site’s stability and security are improved and our site’s availability is constant with no drops or slowdowns. Our clients all over the world are noticing better performance, faster sites, and better resource management overall.

There are three main improvements:

The first improvement is stability. We’re not looking for the latest fancy feature, we’re looking for our shop to be available 24/7.

The second improvement is performance. We get excellent response times and the Cloudflare integration is top-notch.

The third improvement, since things may go berserk, is support. It’s efficient, always available, and fast.”


With Kinsta we can build our business on solid foundations. Kinsta is one of the best partners for our business.
David Riccitelli
David RiccitelliCo-Founder and CTO