• Industry: Ecommerce Development and Remarketing Services
  • Company size: 7

Beyond The Brand Media was created with one mission in mind: to help business owners run their businesses and take complex web solutions off of their plate.

Since forming the company 10 years ago, Beyond The Brand Media has helped business owners generate over $1.2 billion in sales using WooCommerce. Joshua and his team help farmers, artisans, and online retailers get their brand on the web and make sure they get the most out of their web traffic. In recent years, they’ve grown into an agency that has doubled in size and comprises an amazing team of 7 WordPress ninjas.

Read below our interview with Joshua Eastman, Owner at Beyond The Brand Media LLC.

The Problem

Agency businesses need to streamline every aspects of their workflows to increase margins, without compromising on quality. A hosting provider lacking the right tools and expert support won’t make the cut.

“Over the years, we came to find one simple truth: Hosting affects an agency’s workflow more than any other single product or service we use. Agencies simply need a good support structure.

We first saw Kinsta didn’t offer phone support and almost didn’t move to them as a result. So we decided to throw a site on there and really junk it up to see how their support did at helping us through something that affected the speed and also tested the support reps’ WordPress knowledge.

After that little ‘boobytrap’ was submitted to their chat, we were immediately sold.”

The Solution

Better infrastructure, amazing support, and knowing that we have a partner to help our business rather than a server farm made Kinsta a true no-brainer.

“As we moved to Kinsta, one thing was immediately apparent: Kinsta really looks at what agencies need to help their customers quickly and hit the mark every time.

Their MyKinsta dashboard, reporting, instant backups, and staging environments save Beyond The Brand hundreds of hours a year on admin tasks. This way, we can focus more on our clients.”

The Result

When we compared Kinsta to another managed hosting provider we used previously, we saw two things. The first was a 50% decrease in load times, and the second was we could host 400% more concurrent checkouts on WooCommerce than with our prior host.

“We have pushed Kinsta to the very limits of what any host should have. We do almost entirely ecommerce websites, some doing multiple millions a month in sales and some seeing 300–1,000 concurrent users.

One thing was very obvious after switching to Kinsta: Our customers had instantly higher conversion rates. We saw anywhere from .14% to .3% increases for all ecommerce stores, which sounds small, but when you consider that could be an immediate 10% increase in sales, it is pretty darn significant!

Helping our agencies’ workflow was the second profound improvement over every host we had used previously. We started hosting on GoDaddy in our first two years in business, moved to Flywheel, WP Engine, then Liquid Web…

Well, you get the picture: We are constantly in the pursuit of the fastest and most reliable solutions for our customers. Two months after making the switch to Kinsta, we saw a dramatic decrease in utilization of employees.

Looking through our customer support requests made one thing very obvious: We saved 2 hours per day per helpdesk employee on time lost to administrative tasks. With our current staffing, that is the equivalent of hiring another full-time employee. We never understood how good tools and proper hosting organization could affect our average time spent on what was most important: our customers!

All in all, the only mistake we have ever made with Kinsta was not switching to them sooner! We have yet to find any need they do not cater to for agencies and have a much higher degree of flexibility than your average managed hosting company. Better yet, their support can handle anything and more often than not go above and beyond the scope of what a host is really supporting.

Kinsta supports our business, not just the hosting environment.

If you are thinking of switching to Kinsta, do it! The biggest hurdle for agencies is defining what expensive hosting is. Kinsta helped our customers make more money, allowing us to offer more services.

We started on Kinsta when we were billing $18k per month, and now we bill just over $1 million a year in retainer services, and Kinsta can still support every need our business and our customers have.”


Switching to Kinsta made our customers more money and saved Beyond The Brand Media thousands of dollars in labor on administrative tasks every month!
Joshua Eastman's headshot
Joshua Eastman, Owner at Beyond The Brand Media