• Industry: Printing and Advertising
  • Company size: 11-50

Colorprinter is a print advertising service for companies. One of the business challenges they were facing was the need for printed products as well as graphic design and marketing services to promote their business. Of course, they weren’t the only ones experiencing this issue, as other partners and customers faced the same problem.

That’s where their business journey begins.

Local and traditional printing companies have high costs and usually don’t offer big discounts for bulk purchases. They also do not have excellent arrangements for saving material and logistics costs.

Online printers, on the other hand, have too long deadlines and eliminate advice or customer service. They reduce prices at the expense of service quality. One of the major drawbacks is that the products are pre-defined and they do not carry out tailor-made work.

Colorprinter was born as a print broker to get the best out of each world.

Thanks to a high degree of specialization, as it works exclusively with B2B businesses, Colorprinter’s big difference with any other online printing provider is that real people handle each job, providing a true proximity feeling and experience to the customers like a printing shop in your neighborhood but with the best printing technology available.

Read below our interview with Colorprinter’s Founder Manuel Carlos RG.

The Problem

Poor hosting providers directly affect your bottom line. That’s why Colorprinter was looking for a resource-optimized WordPress hosting solution with plenty of data center locations to bring all websites closer to customers in all different markets.

“Turnover has been soaring year after year. We had already tried several hosting providers and were facing a big problem: every minute that one of the websites was down had a direct impact on the accounts.

We were looking for an efficient and secure WordPress hosting solution with stable data centers because we need to host each website as close as possible to its users. As we have active customers in 5 countries and we are planning to launch in 4 new markets, uptime and data center locations is a big differentiator for us.

In the past year, we have crafted more than 1 million copies of books and more than 1,000 companies rely on Colorprinter for their advertising, printing, and corporate collaterals. We needed to find a hosting provider that was up to the task.”

The Solution

Price should never be a long-term comparison when it comes to business decisions. Profit is. Thanks to improved performance positively affecting SEO traffic and UX, sales numbers started to grow quickly.

“At Colorprinter, we’ve always relied on WordPress as the CMS for all our websites. The large community that revolves around WordPress and the huge number of agencies and companies that develop technology for WordPress and WooCommerce makes it a scalable content manager in the long term.

With this in mind, our development team was looking for a professional hosting service optimized for WordPress. Among the different options, we first discarded some companies that only offered the same data center for all the websites.

We liked the idea of having Colorprinter hosted on the Google Cloud Platform and that pushed our search towards Kinsta.

We saw that the prices were a little higher than the rest, but we had to check if that price was justified. As a company, we should not look at the price only but its ROI. In this case, the price difference with other hosting providers is more than compensated by great support and better response times and performance of the website, which means more sales for us, at the end of the day,.

With the peace of mind of having a 30-day money-back guarantee, we moved one of our websites to Kinsta before migrating all the rest. Since then, Kinsta has become a great ally of Colorprinter.”

The Result

Powered by Kinsta’s tech stack, Coloprinter runs an international business with several regionalized websites, all hosted in the closest data center to each market. Fast, secure, an easy-to-maintain websites means less time spent fixing things and more growing your business (like Colorprinter is doing).

“After we moved to Kinsta, we immediately noticed a remarkable upward trend in the growth of organic traffic. And as our primary source of new customers, this is a considerable growth almost every day. Specifically, thanks to Kinsta, Colorprinter is faster, more stable, and has gained higher rankings in SERPs.

Being able to take advantage of Kinsta’s CDN and caching technology eliminates the need to use third-party plugins for speed optimization.

But that’s not all.

Site management is now more efficient for our developers thanks to the custom dashboard MyKinsta which provides all the tools needed and, ultimately, an easy way to keep everything under control. On top of that, Kinsta’s customer support is fantastic. When someone from the development team has a question or problem, they can count on them right away and find a solution quickly.

From a business owner’s perspective, all of the above translates into more sales.

For example, magazine or ​book printings​ are one of the most profitable lines of business at Colorprinter because we really can offer competitive prices. The difference between being the second vs first in SERPs can mean up to 200% more sales. In these cases, every millisecond you can cut off your page loading speed counts.

Thanks to Kinsta’s performance-optimized stack, we’ve seen great improvements here.

And don’t forget that having the possibility to choose a data center that’s really close to your customers is business-critical.

That’s what we did with our different websites in the UK, Spain​, ​France​, Portugal​ which are hosted in the closest data center locations for those markets. Even in Finland, we have another data center for Colorprinter’s Finnish subsidiary. We didn’t need to find a third-party provider as Kinsta provides us with all we needed.

For our business, Kinsta is more than hosting: it’s like having our own pool of hosting experts taking care of our servers and helping us focus on our business.”


For any company that is serious about its internet presence, we would recommend working with Kinsta. There is nothing like having time to grow your business and the peace of mind that your hosting is in good hands.

Manuel Carlos
Manuel Carlos, Owner