Steck Insights was founded in 2009 with a heart for serving small businesses and solving hard problems so business owners could focus on what they do best.

Steck Insights Web Design’s tight-knit team of 8 US-based WordPress fanatics specializes in all things WordPress: SEO, site optimization, branding, frontend and backend development, and consulting.

They host 100+ clients and support even more, always seeking to understand the client’s market, make their lives easier, and help their businesses grow.

Check out our interview below with Brian Steck, Web Design and Development lead at Steck Insights Web Design.

100+ Clients Moved to Kinsta and Not a Single Issue

“After initial success with our previous hosting provider, we found that we were having some issues with website downtime. Load times were slow and support for various issues was hit or miss.

With our past hosting provider, we were on a shared hosting plan. This became an issue when one website would overload or crash our other websites would also be negatively affected. This was causing issues for us and more importantly, our clients.

One of the things that makes Kinsta so great is that they make sure that each site is 100% private and is not shared. An issue with one site won’t affect another site. Moving our 100+ hosting clients to Kinsta felt like a daunting task but we took advantage of a free migration deal Kinsta was offering and they moved a number of our sites for us. Now that we are on Kinsta, we haven’t had any issues and the future looks bright.”

Fast, Reliable, and Extremely Helpful Support

“We heard about Kinsta through various circles and were extremely interested in seeing what they had to offer. However, we were hesitant about moving our sites to a new hosting service. But after conversations with the Kinsta team, we were willing to test it out with a few migrations and haven’t looked back since.

There are so many benefits that come with Kinsta but one thing that stands out is their amazing support team. Our team has peace of mind knowing that if we run into issues or have a question about our hosting that Kinsta is just a click away. Their chatbot states that support responds in a few minutes, however, I am not sure if I have ever waited longer than 60 seconds to hear from a team member. They are always pleasant and extremely helpful.”

84% Speed Improvements for Business Site, Huge Ecommerce Site, and All Client Sites

“Our site, as well as our clients sites, have seen some fantastic site speed improvements since making the change. Most websites will experience a boost simply by moving to Kinsta. We found that if we then add a premium site speed plugin called WP Rocket that we can boost the GTmetrix scores and decrease the fully loaded time even more.

What is nice about this pairing is that Kinsta actually integrates perfectly with WP Rocket which makes optimizing for site speed even easier. Kinsta’s CDN is also fantastic and is as easy as clicking a button.

Seriously if you are not on Kinsta yet you have to make the change, you will not regret it.”

1st Example: after moving to Kinsta after moving to Kinsta

2nd Example: Large Ecommerce Website

Big ecommerce site now faster thanks to Kinsta
Big ecommerce site now faster thanks to Kinsta

3rd Example: Client Webpage That Contained Many YouTube Videos

Client site's performance improvements thanks to Kinsta
Client site’s performance improvements thanks to Kinsta

Rock-Solid Hosting Provider Who Matches Our Level of Quality

“We’re loving our experience with Kinsta and everything that’s come with our migration, from fewer periods and instances of downtime, to increased speeds and performances on our sites. Not only are our websites running smoothly, but when an issue does come up, the support at Kinsta is excellent. We pride ourselves in offering a first-class service for both website builds and website maintenance so we need a hosting provider that can match our level of quality.”

“We initially started offering hosting packages to our clients simply to meet a need and we now have over 100 clients that we service. In an attempt to meet another need we have just launched monthly maintenance packages that include Kinsta hosting, site optimization, web design tasks, updates, etc.

Knowing that we’re building these maintenance packages off rock-solid hosting and with top-notch support, gives us a lot of confidence as we serve our clients. We are very excited to be the one-stop shop for all things WordPress and know that we couldn’t do it without first-rate hosting from Kinsta.”

Kinsta is definitely the best managed WordPress host. They provide excellent support and systems, fast and reliable hosting, and their prices are really competitive.
Brian Steck
Brian Steck, Web Design and Development lead