Navigating MyKinsta got a whole lot faster with the introduction of omni-search you can launch from the keyboard.

Pressing CMD + K on macOS or CTRL + K on Windows and Linux invokes the new omni-search command dialog. From there, you can navigate to any page within the MyKinsta interface, assisted by search functionality that filters available options in context with your current location within the menu tree.

Within the omni-search command dialog, keyboard junkies can take control of MyKinsta without reaching for the mouse, while two-fisted navigators can combine the two approaches.

Kristóf Dombi, Kinsta’s Head of Development Architecture and the creator of the new MyKinsta feature, says he’s not a keyboard dilettante but was inspired by the “Command Palette” with similar functionality introduced by GitHub.

“I’m not typically a heavy user of keyboard navigation, but ever since GitHub released its own command menu, I’ve started using it more and more,” Kristóf says. “I recently discovered how useful it is, and it occurred to me that we should implement something similar within MyKinsta.”

“Given our new branding, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.”

MyKinsta omni-search in action

Here’s a quick video tour of the new feature:

When invoked, the omni-search interface provides a command prompt and a list of options available within the current menu context. You can use the keyboard’s arrow keys (or mouse) to choose options at that level or start typing at the command prompt to initiate a search filter.

Screenshot showing the omni-search command dialog on launch.
An initial view of the omni-search command dialog.

Below, we’ve used the arrow keys to highlight the Search WordPress Sites… option and pressed the Enter key to reveal the available sites in this MyKinsta instance:

Screenshot showing an omni-search drill-down to WordPress sites within MyKinsta.
Navigating to WordPress sites within the omni-search command dialog.

After selecting a website named Auto Shop and its Live environment, the command dialog serves up the menu options applicable to the current context:

Screenshot showing menu optional applicable to the current navigation context within MyKinsta.
Menu options applicable to the selected environment for a website.

When we begin typing at the command prompt, the menu options are filtered in real-time:

Screenshot showing option filtering based on omni-search input within MyKinsta.
Filtering options based on command prompt input.

By pressing the Delete (macOS) or Backspace (Windows/Linux) keys within the command prompt, you can traverse back up the menu tree. You can use this technique to move above a company dashboard to access the Companies / Account level:

Screenshot showing top-level menus within the MyKinsta omni-search interface.
Reaching the Companies / Account level using the Delete/Backspace key.

Kinsta’s Kristóf says the current incarnation of the omni-search feature is focused solely on navigation, “but there’s potential for additional features in the future.”

“We hope that this new feature proves to be valuable for our customers,” he says.

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