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One-Click Staging Push To Live

We have launched the Push to live feature for our Google Cloud plan customers, allowing you to push changes to your live environment at the click o…
Publish date
July 6, 2016

Separation Of Staging And Live Environments

Unlock powerful website management capabilities with the separation of staging and live environments. Restart PHP, switch versions, and more.
Publish date
June 8, 2016

Secure Generated Password For New WP Installs

We’ve made a small security update: An admin password is now generated for you which you can re-generate and copy to your clipboard on-the-spot.
Publish date
June 3, 2016

Plugins List In My Kinsta

Discover your site's plugin list with ease. View active/inactive plugins, versions, and updates from your MyKinsta dashboard. Exciting new feature!
Publish date
June 2, 2016

New Backup Features

You can now list your site’s internal backups via the My Kinsta dashboard. One backup is created daily and you can create backups manually.
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Publish date
June 1, 2016

PHP Environment Control

Take control of your PHP environment on a site-to-site basis. Restart PHP and choose between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7 individually. Learn more now!
Publish date
May 31, 2016

Awesome New Install Options

Unlock new install options. Choose WordPress language, set up multisite, and automate WooCommerce installation. Experience flexibility and save time!
Publish date
May 20, 2016

Add HTTPS Credentials From MyKinsta

Easily manage HTTPS credentials from your Kinsta Dashboard. Add private key and certificate with just a few clicks. Enhance website security now!
Publish date
April 29, 2016

Full Page Cache Deletion From MyKinsta

A new “Cache Management” tools has been added to the site management section of the MyKinsta dashboard, used to delete your site’s full page cache.…
Publish date
April 29, 2016

We’re Using The Latest Ubuntu 16.04 On All Cloud Servers

Secure and optimize your network with the latest Ubuntu 16.04 on our Google Cloud servers. Discover the new features in our post.
Publish date
April 29, 2016

Multiple Payment Methods Now Supported

Simplify billing with multiple payment methods. Set up primary and backup credit/debit cards for seamless transactions. Check out our post for assi…
Publish date
April 26, 2016

One-Click SFTP Password Changes

We've launched a new security feature: One-click SFTP password changes. Our system auto-generates highly secure passwords and updates the system in…
Publish date
April 21, 2016