When we launched our Application Hosting service in late 2022, we offered a powerfully simple way for developers who use Git for software version control to deploy their applications from GitHub.

While GitHub is the most-used host of Git-based repositories — with nearly 100 million developers managing code there — great projects also live on the servers of two other popular contenders in the field: Bitbucket and GitLab.

That’s why we’ve added Bitbucket and GitLab support to our platform. Now you can deploy your code to Kinsta from any of the world’s 3 most popular Git platforms.

Kinsta can connect to your repositories on those services’ marque destinations (not a self-managed GitLab instance, GitHub’s Enterprise Server, or Bitbucket’s Data Center).

Bitbucket and GitLab logos
Bitbucket and GitLab logos

Whether you’re working on an enterprise project or your own hobby, Kinsta Application Hosting helps you get your development done in dozens of frameworks and languages.

And whether your repositories are at GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, the same easy-to-use interface makes it a snap to deploy your code to the cloud in just 3 steps:

  1. Connect to your Git provider account and choose a repository
  2. Automatically or manually deploy your application
  3. Build, scale, and run your processes separately
Choosing your Git provider in MyKinsta.
Choose your Git provider in MyKinsta.

Why Host Your Application With Kinsta?

When you deploy your application to Kinsta from GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab, your code runs on the Google Cloud Platform‘s top-tier infrastructure, powered by that platform’s C2 virtual machines and in an isolated container.

And you can choose any of 25 data centers around the world as the home for your application.

Applications managed through your MyKinsta dashboard leverage Google Cloud Build, which generates the image of your application based on the information in buildpacks or your Dockerfile. If you configure your application to deploy automatically, that happens every time you commit a change to your repository on your Git host.

Need database support? Turn to Kinsta’s Database Hosting service, and you won’t be charged for bandwidth between your DB and your application in the same data center.

If your application is public-facing, you can rely on our Cloudflare integration for DDoS protection.

How To Get Started

It’s painless to get started with Application Hosting at Kinsta because we offer a $20 first-month credit that allows you to sample the service for free. We have a growing list of quick-start examples you can use to get an application up and running in your programing language or framework of choice.

Let’s get coding!