Speed and Load Testing

Testing your website, especially before making it live, is a best practice for most developers and site owners. There is, however, sometimes a bit of confusion about the types of testing and how they are done. Two of the most common are speed testing and load testing.

Website Page Speed Testing

This type of testing measures the size and how long it takes for a page on your website to load. This is commonly used to identify any large and/or slow requests so the bottlenecks can be improved or eliminated. Pingdom’s Website Speed Test, GTmetrix, and Google’s Lighthouse are among the most popular website speed test tools.

You’re welcome to run a website page speed test anytime on your Kinsta site.

Website Load Testing

Load testing is more complex than page speed testing and needs to be done carefully. This type of testing attempts to recreate real user conditions like high traffic and/or a high number of concurrent users.

All load testing tools aren’t built the same, and setting up proper tests can be complex, so we recommend working with a developer if you aren’t familiar with running a load test.

Because load testing can negatively impact resources, if you want to run a load test on our platform, we ask that you first let our Support team know by opening a new chat in MyKinsta.

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