Unlimited Free Migrations From All Hosts Including:

WP Engine, Flywheel, SiteGround, Pagely, Pantheon, Cloudways, GoDaddy, DreamHost, Bluehost, HostGator, A2 Hosting, tsoHost, WPX Hosting, & Savvii

We are excited to offer unlimited free migrations from all web hosts above. It doesn’t matter if you have one WordPress site or 50, our expert migration team is ready to help make your transition to Kinsta a breeze! Save time and money by taking advantage of Kinsta’s free and easy migration service. (Restrictions apply, see details below)

Screenshot of a buttons to start a migration

Hassle-Free Migrations

Migrations can be tricky and using a third-party plugin might not always be the best way to go. Sometimes this doesn’t bring over everything and could result in data loss if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s much safer to let our expert migration team handle everything.

You’ll be notified of your migration status by our team. Moving your site to Kinsta usually won’t incur any downtime, and we’ll help you inspect your migrated site prior to going live.

A lot of our new customers take advantage of this popular free service to save time and it’s easy to see why we have the best dedicated migration team in the business:

  • 2100+ migrations completed in the past 3 months
  • 780 sites have been moved over by the migration team in the last month
  • 1-2 site migrations completed in each hour of every workday!

Built For High-Performance

Kinsta’s infrastructure was built for high-performance, scaling on-demand, and is powered exclusively by the Google Cloud Platform.

Our migration team moves clients from hosts like WP Engine and Flywheel to Kinsta on a daily basis, and we’ve seen first-hand that this typically results in substantial speed increases!

Whether you’re tasking us to migrate five WordPress sites or 50+ sites, they’ll take advantage of our isolated container technology. This ensures that all resources are 100% private and not shared between anyone else or even your own sites.

Kinsta logo and Google cloud logo

Speed-obsessed infrastructure

Our architecture is built on the best of what Google offers: Google Cloud Platform’s premium tier network and finest C2 machines. Reduce latency further with our cloud hosting by selecting the data center closest to your web traffic (we have 35 spanning 5 continents).

Server-level caching

You can focus on your business knowing that your site caching is left in good hands. Our fast server-level caching includes rules to ensure proper functionality. If we are migrating an ecommerce site for you, then by default, certain pages like cart, my-account, and checkout are excluded from caching.

HTTP/3-enabled CDN and Edge Caching

Powered by Cloudflare, take advantage of our free premium CDN (content delivery network) solution at no additional cost for all Kinsta plans. As part of our Cloudflare integration, our built-in Edge Caching saves your Kinsta site/page cache to any of Cloudflare’s global network of 260+ data centers.

We love Kinsta! They’re no doubt one of the least negotiable expenses we have each month. Incredible speed and absolutely unbelievable support.

Chad Barnes

Digital Skyrocket

We hired Kinsta’s team to migrate all 100+ websites. In an effort to quickly lighten the load on our WP Engine server through the migration process, we had Kinsta migrate our largest sites first. The first was a 500,000+ visitor/mo blog, the second was a several thousand product ecommerce site, and the third was a resource hog that ran more than 50 plugins (whoa!). Here’s what we found:

500K/m Blog

15% page load speed improvement down from 1.38s to 1.17s

Ecommerce Site

81% page load speed improvement down from 8.91s to 1.71s

(yes, it had gotten that bad)

50 Plugin Resource Hog

52% page load speed improvement down from 3.48s to 1.69s

Knowing that the simple migration to a Kinsta server will produce page load speeds that exceed those of WP Engine, a company known for speed, we feel great guaranteeing page load speed improvement for every client—no matter where they’ve been hosting. And more than 100 sites into that guarantee, we’ve never lost.

Migrate More, Save More

Switching hosting providers can be a lot of work. The hours can add up really quickly, especially if you’re not familiar with how to properly export and re-import your data. Below is an example of potential savings and time involved if you had to migrate your own WordPress sites.

If you don’t have the time or capacity, let our expert team do what they do best to ensure a hassle-free and smooth migration. This allows you to focus on growing your business. The more WordPress sites you migrate over the more you’ll save!

Examples of savings by switching to Kinsta including reduced monthly hosting cost and a 200% speed boost
Savings ($) Average Hours Saved (*)
Starter PlanSave $1001 hour
Pro PlanSave $1002 hours
Business 1 PlanSave up to $2006 hours
Business 2 PlanSave up to $6408 hours
Business 3 PlanSave up to $1,02010 hours
Business 4 PlanSave up to $1,80012 hours
Enterprise 1 PlanSave up to $2,20014 hours
Enterprise 2 PlanSave up to $3,00016 hours
* Average hours saved are estimates compiled by our support team.

If you have problematic high traffic sites like us, you’ll love their migration service — they took care of everything and even identified some problem plugins that had been installed by former members of our team. I would have spent hours on the migration due to the size without their help.

James Bradach

WordPress site security features: Hack fix guarantee, Enterprise-level firewall and DDoS protection, Automatic backups

Migrate Your Site and Get Top-Notch Site Security

Financial transactions, personally identifiable information, and your company’s reputation are just a few of the things riding on your site’s security. No need to tackle website security alone, Kinsta is here to help. Migrate now and take advantage of Kinsta’s security.

We scan every website during the migration procedure for vulnerability and we work with you to resolve any issues we may find. This ensures your site doesn’t bring over anything malicious from your old host.

Enterprise-grade firewall and DDoS protection powered by Cloudflare

Sleep easy knowing that malicious traffic has to work through two powerful firewalls and premium DDoS protection before it has a chance to get to your site. A+ ratings on Qualys SSL Labs are standard.

Automatic backups and 24/7/365 support

Your site data is safe and secure thanks to automatic daily backups and the other available manual backup options. If a problem does arise, our expert support team is available 24/7/365.

Frequent uptime checks for peace of mind

Your site is monitored every 3 minutes. That’s 480 times per day! If it goes down, the system notifies our engineers and they start immediately investigating the issue.

Learn How We Perform Migrations at Kinsta

It can be stressful to migrate a site from one host to another, we know that. Learn about how we perform migrations at Kinsta, premium vs standard migrations, and find out all about how to get a free migration today.

  • Are you a web development agency with hundreds of sites? We’ve got you covered

  • Free migrations are available for all of Kinsta’s plans, from Starter to Enterprise, regardless of how many sites you have. Simply sign up for a plan to get started.
  • Choose between a basic migration or premium migration and fill out the form. Our team will then coordinate with you regarding the best time to migrate your site.
  • Don’t wait, migrate your site and join the 120,000+ companies using Kinsta today!

The free migration I received was the first time a host migrated a site and got all the little details correct, not forgetting things, etc. and they were incredibly friendly and patient.

Joe Fletcher

Restrictions On Free Basic Migrations

While we are more than happy to help you migrate all of your WordPress sites over, some restrictions do apply:

  • This offer applies to standard WordPress installations. It is not available for multisite networks or for sites using WP Engine’s LargeFS.
  • We will complete your migrations as soon as possible, which could take up to 2 business days. If we believe processing your migrations may take longer we will let you know at the time we receive the request.
  • Sites that change continuously (ecommerce sites, membership sites, etc.) often require the placement of the site into maintenance mode and careful scheduling to avoid data loss. A site that requires maintenance mode or must be scheduled carefully will not be eligible for this offer and should be processed as a normal premium migration.
  • Sites that have complex requirements, such as sites that use a reverse proxy or Bedrock/Trellis configurations, are not good candidates for this service and should be migrated using our premium migration instead.
  • Redirects that have been added to an .htaccess file or to your prior hosting provider’s control panel will not be migrated as part of this service. If you do need to add redirects as part of your migration you can add them using our Redirects tool and check them using our HTTP Status and Redirect Checker.
  • Some sites need to be migrated using a 2-step process where there is an initial trial migration followed by a second migration at a later time. The first step in this process, the initial trial migration, can be handled as part of this offer, but the second step when the site is migrated for a second time will incur a fee.
  • Sites that you’re only able to provide the WordPress admin login for (no hosting dashboard or SSH access) must be performed via a premium migration.

If you need a migration for a site that doesn’t fit these requirements you should follow our default premium migration process as outlined below.

Screenshots showing the request migration functionality in MyKinsta

Our Team Will Migrate You For Free

Not using one of the hosting providers above or have a more complex installation? No worries, all of our plans include one or more free premium migrations.

After signing up you’ll be able to request a hands-off migration from our MyKinsta dashboard. We’ll get in touch, discuss the details, and schedule a migration window that works best with your schedule. You’ll be notified of your migration status by our team and you can track the status in our MyKinsta dashboard.

To get started simply sign up and fill out our guided WordPress migration form. Choose one of our 35 Google Cloud Platform data centers for your site. Then hand the rest off to us.

Thousands of five-star ratings.
And counting.

Give Yourself Up to a 39% Speed Boost Simply by Migrating to Kinsta

We measured 3,200+ migrations over the course of a three-month span. On average, client sites experienced 20% faster load times just by moving to Kinsta. Here’s how fast your site can run (and how slow the competition is):

  • From BlueHost to Kinsta: +39% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Amazon AWS to Kinsta: +26% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Digital Ocean to Kinsta: +26% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Liquid Web to Kinsta: +32% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Cloudways to Kinsta: +2% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From HostGator to Kinsta: +29% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From Dreamhost to Kinsta: +11% improved page load times (avg.)
  • From SiteGround to Kinsta: +13% improved page load times (avg.)
  • Other: +25% improved page load times (avg.)

How is this possible? Our customers enjoy:

Free migrations are available for all of Kinsta’s plans, from Starter to Enterprise, regardless of how many sites you have. Simply sign up for a plan to get started. Test the service and the speed risk-free, and we provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. You only lose if you don’t give this a try!

Get 2 Months Free When You Migrate Today

All new annual plans get 2 months free. Join the 120,000+ companies using Kinsta and get started today. Sit back, relax, and let our team handle the nitty-gritty stuff. We’ll let you know when your site is ready.